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Freezing Friday set breakdown record - News

THE first Friday in February was the worst day for breakdowns in 2012 according to the AA.

With Britain in the grip of freezing weather, the organisation came to the rescue of some 19,000 stranded motorists on that day alone.

While February 3 was the busiest day of the year, the AA’s roadside recovery teams answered almost 3.5 million calls in 2012.

Battery problems remained the most common cause of breakdowns with around half a million call outs.

Punctures and other tyre problems accounted for 357,000 incidents while AA members also reported some 169,000 issues with lights.

In a review of activities for 2012 the AA says it rescued one in ten British drivers and 150,000 of those were on motorways.

Mondays topped the list of busiest days for breakdowns.

Andy Smith, the AA patrol of the year, said: “Our top breakdowns are remarkably consistent but we’ve noticed a marked increase in the number of problems with lights over the last 12 months, which may show that fewer drivers feel able to change bulbs themselves.

“Although modern cars have longer service intervals, the basics of car maintenance haven’t really changed, so it still pays to pop the bonnet and do the regular checks.”

During the year AA patrols also rescued nearly 1,000 pets and more than 2,600 children from inside locked cars and fixed or replaced some 2,000 windscreen wipers.

Other facts from the organisation in 2012 include 162,000 windscreen replacements and 88,000 glass repairs being carried out by AA AutoWindshields and 850,000 AA members being recovered over a total distance of nearly 18.5 million miles.

The longest recovery was 767 miles from Cowbridge in Wales, to Shetland.

Last year also marked the centenary of AA roadside call boxes. There are now only 19 remaining AA wooden sentry boxes on public roads, eight of which are Grade ll listed.


Author: Chris Russon
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