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New Citroen Cars - News & Reviews

Looking for independent information about new Citroen cars? 

Citroen News & Reviews

New Car Expert provides the latest Citroen reviews and Citroen road test information and 'first drives' for the newest Citroen model launches, as well as news about the latest Citroen range.

Citroen Car Reviews

Citroen's brilliant C4 diesel

I WAS hugely impressed by Citroen’s petrol C4 when I drove it a few months ago..

IT was a tight and twisty road rising and falling with ear-popping regularity â€..
140mph auto delivers 46mpg

THE figures sound ridiculous - a big estate car with a 2.2-litre engine producin..

Citroen Car News

Citroen hatch a techno treat

A FEAST of gadgets is being used by Citroen to make its new C4 hatchback a car f..

CITROEN is heralding the arrival of its most CO2 efficient conventionally powere..
Citroen cleans up with new C3

THE NEXT new car from Citroen will be the French manufacturer's first to boast t..

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