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New Car Expert provides the latest Sports & GTs reviews, as well as news about all the Sports & GTs on the market.

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Sports & GTs Reviews

Nissan 370Z Roadster

THERE’S no doubt about it, modern sports cars have definitely become softer, m..

FAST though the Jaguar XKR-S was when I tried it recently I’ve just driven som..
Super Sportback a five door coupe

WHEN I heard that Audi had launched a five door hatchback version of the sleek A..

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Sports & GTs News

Audi shaves thousands off TT Roadster

AUDI has lowered the entry price of its TT Roadster by about £3,500 just in tim..

THE new Mazda MX-5 Roadster and Coupe models have taken to the roads with price ..
Jaguar unveils its fastest ever soft top

JAGUAR has lifted the lid on the most powerful and fastest open-topped model the..

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