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Audi News & Reviews

New Car Expert provides the latest Audi reviews and Audi road test information and 'first drives' for the newest Audi model launches, as well as news about the latest Audi range.

Audi Car Reviews

Audi gets it right

SOMETIMES when I heard of a new car being launched I have great hopes but it doe..

ONE of the most frequent criticisms levelled at SUVs is that they’re just too ..
Latest Avant should be a winner

THE latest Audi A6 Avant estate will boast a new range-topping 313bhp turbo dies..

Audi Car News

Audi switches TT to diesel power

AUDI has become the latest car company to slot a diesel engine beneath the bonne..

A NEW generation of fastback Audis has been revealed at America's most important..
Audi heralds its most potent diesel

THE most potent V6 turbodiesel engine ever offered by Audi has been put into A6 ..

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