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Audi News & Reviews

New Car Expert provides the latest Audi reviews and Audi road test information and 'first drives' for the newest Audi model launches, as well as news about the latest Audi range.

Audi Car Reviews

Audi A1 1.6 TDI SE

WHO are you trying to kid? A brand new shiny Audi straight out of the showroom f..

IT had to come – it’s not in Audi’s nature to leave any of its cars for lo..
Audi A5 Sportback 3.0TDI quattro

THE issues are all becoming blurred – rules we once understood and either adhe..

Audi Car News

Powerful new pair of Audi A5 coupes

MORE petrol and diesel engine options have been added to the new Audi A5 coupe r..

AUDI is promising to deliver a combination of fresh style, higher power, new equ..
Power boost for Audi TTs

AUDI has raised the stakes in its TT Coupe and Roadster ranges with more power f..

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