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Audi News & Reviews

New Car Expert provides the latest Audi reviews and Audi road test information and 'first drives' for the newest Audi model launches, as well as news about the latest Audi range.

Audi Car Reviews

Hybrid luxury from Audi

AUDI continues its moves towards hybrid and electric power with the A8 hybrid, ..

WHO are you trying to kid? A brand new shiny Audi straight out of the showroom f..
Storming new Audi mini

IT had to come – it’s not in Audi’s nature to leave any of its cars for lo..

Audi Car News

Audi TT takes a load off

AUDI is waging war on excess weight - and has shed an incredible 300kg off a TT ..

GADGETRY that saves fuel by stopping and starting engines in traffic queues is t..
New 140mph entry-level Audi A5 coupe

THE first four-cylinder engine to power the all-new Audi A5 coupe is joining t..

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